Monday, November 17, 2014

The Fall Palette -- Metallics & Pastels

In an attempt to wear another color besides all black, the other day I took advantage of the semi-warm weather and opted for pastels and metallic hues. Surprisingly, I decided to step out of the sartorial comfort zone by finally realizing that other colors and pieces of clothing exist in my closet. On any given day I'm usually dressed down, but always incorporate something tailored. Judging by the photogenic evidence on the Chicest Degree, I'm always wearing my black Prada blazer every chance I get with almost everything. This time last year, I bought this silk pastel blazer by The Row. For whatever reason I've managed to ignore it existed for the past few months, since the last time I've worn it and decided to take it for a spin.

Who was I kidding by trying to so say no to black for as long as I could. I tried on every bottom I own, but changed right into my favorite black denim skinny jeans with the hidden slits on the knee. Per the usual, I only wear boyfriend jeans but it was nice to have on something a bit more fitted. This was also the last time leaving the house without a jacket was acceptable. The only obvious missing accessory to complete this outfit, is a spiced pumpkin latte, of course. Lastly, I apologize for my resting bitch face, deep down I'm really excited the air is getting colder. Can't you tell?    

The Row blazer, Alexander Wang t-shirt, Zara skinny jeans, Alexander Wang 'Racketeer' satchel, Reed Krakoff metallic oxfords 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Does Your Part Say About You?

This question haunts me all the time, I always wonder what goes into making such a decision. Okay maybe it's not that dramatic, but I do wonder sometimes. Is it your hairs natural falling, or did you beat it into your wanted part submission? What were you going for when you parted your hair like that? Or, does it part like the red sea? So many unanswered questions. The side part, the middle part, the cowlick mid-center part, there are definitely options.
Lets start with the middle part: My beloved. Middle part gals like symmetry, and like when things fall back into place. The middle part gives the boho-chic, hippie vibe of coolness (I do feel pretty cool to be a member of the middle part club). Your hair is pretty well behaved, maybe a little opposite from you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a notorious rule breaker but I do have my rebellious moments (probably not as badass as it makes me sound). 

Next, the side part: I always think of this part as the most popular. It screams good-girl chic, and sometimes even a hint of glamour queen. It’s the timeless and classic way to go. Basically, the side part invented the hair flip if you ask me. Straight hair or curly, this part dominates.

Lets talk about bangs: That is definitely a way of parting the hair whether you like it or not. Bang girls are without a doubt adorable. I envy their top-knots, that are always so effortless and beautiful. Bang girls like change, because we all know going from no bangs to bangs is a big decision. Bang girl’s have hair that listens to them, and doesn’t mind going off its usual course. Bang girls are basically the awesome ones out of the bunch.

Next, the cowlick: Your hair is the boss. This part is purely about the course nature took on it (right?) and could care less how you want it. It gives that easy-going attitude nonetheless, and we praise you for letting your hair do as it pleases right in the front there. 

All of these parts got their start some where, the question is how? 

- Written by Kayla Mayhew

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Crisp Tailoring at Ellery SS'15

After a few seasons showing in Paris, Kym Ellery has continued to push the sartorial envelope and the spring/summer 2015 collection proved just that. The clothing was very pared-down and relatively straightforward, from the first look to the very last -- was a lineup full of terrific pieces. Ellery had two main focuses this time around, creating a lean unnaturally thin silhouette, and elaborating it with very rich textures. The tailoring of course was a major highlight, lots of mannish pants -- and the shirting was done in heavy cotton with a touch of sheen. One of the interesting things about Ellery is that she's a designer trying to rethink formal clothes. That couldn't have been more obvious than in her trouser-based looks for evening paired with tops of sculpted organza. The concept was brilliant, and this is what continues to set Ellery apart form the rest. Not too many other designers have yet to master the idea of transforming an evening look right into ready-to-wear. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Daria Werbowy for Céline Resort 2015 Campaign

Canadian beauty Daria Werbowy shows us all what it's like to be genetically blessed and master a FLAWLESS makeup free look in the resort 2015 advertising campaign from Céline. Fronting the Paris based brand for just about several years now, Daria Werbowy poses with the season's bags, jewelry and outerwear designed by the one and only Phoebe Philo. Of course, the Chicest Degree is lusting over the minimal knits and that white textured leather tote. Not too many words are needed to describe how magical of a pairing this is, because the photos by Tyrone Lebon speak for themselves and are just that damn good. 
Daria Werbowy by Tyrone Lebon for Céline Resort 2015

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