Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reed Krakoff Introduces The RK40

Designer Reed Krakoff unveiled the RK40, a new collection of bags that exemplifies the effortless luxury of his eponymous brand. The name pays homage to the address of the company's New York City headquarters and atelier. The RK40 is available in three sizes, RK40S, RK40 and RK40L -- all simple silhouettes with modern subtlety and lightweight construction, perfect for your sartorial lifestyle happenings and work of course. Handcrafted in Italy by the world's top leather artisans, the RK40 is structured yet soft, sophisticated yet simple and is available in a mix of materials including French leather and exotic skins. The distinguishing detail is the iconic belt, first introduced with Krakoff's signature Boxer bag back in 2010.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Reed Krakoff is creative director of his distinctive brand. Drawing from over twenty years of experience designing for iconic American fashion houses, Krakoff has elevated his New York -based label into a global brand and has become internationally recognized for his personal contributions to the industries of fashion, art and design. He has been honored as CFDA Accessory Designer of the Year three times, most recently for the Reed Krakoff Collection in 2012. Reed Krakoff designs are available at fine retailers worldwide, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Reed Krakoff's Madison Avenue boutique in New York. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Girls I Want To Be From Fashion Month

Although fashion month has officially ended, I have to say that my beauty obsession from the spring/summer 2015 collections lives in eyebrows and wet hair. Every season, we all have a little bit of beauty envy from the runway shows during New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion week. Of course, the beauty looks for spring/summer 2015 ranged from extreme in a good way as seen at Alexander McQueen, to very soft and feminine at Burberry Porsum, as they always do, but their was a great concentration of minimalism as well. This is where the girls I want to be inspiration stemmed from -- that can be easily added to your beauty routine now and well into next season. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Kickin' It -- Casual and Tailored

Dressed down, along with something tailored is what you'll most likely see me wearing a variation of almost everyday. (Okay I lied, more like everyday this time of year sounds about right.) Now that it's beginning to feel like fall -- baggier denim, crisp white minimal trainers, and a tailored blazer, preferably in black are in full rotation. After spending the past few days rearranging the closet and doing an inventory of what is or isn't missing and everything else in between. I've come to the conclusion that season to season, we all have the habit of becoming extremely comfortable with certain pieces that we'll have no shame in wearing over and over again.

Another one of my longtime habits of wearing scarfs is slowing becoming a thing again. Back in college people knew me for the way in which I wrapped scarfs around my head. This was honestly something I did unintentionally, by running late per usual to an 8 A.M class and life in general -- never allowed me the time in the morning to brush out my hair. Wearing a scarf in turban like form was something I became used to in the mornings semester to semester. Of course, I wasn't fooling any of my closest friends. They knew I was the only human on this earth that will never ever become good with time management. The other day I was watching an episode of Sex & the City and felt a bit nostalgic -- when Carrie wore her scarfs wrapped around both her wrists. Feeling inspired, I searched around through a box full of vintage full scarfs and wrapped it around my neck, instead of my hair. It added the right amount of spunk to my very masculine yet casual ensemble. For once, I actually looked like a sophisticated adult, instead of a lady-boy lost in a surplus of oversize silhouettes.

Prada blazer, Alexander Wang t-shirt, Acne Studios boyfriend jeans, Adidas Originals Stan Smith, Alexander Wang Racketeer satchel, Retro SUPER sunglasses.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Accessories at Céline SS'15

Phoebe Philo has managed to keep the reputation of having one of the most anticipated runway shows during Paris Fashion Week. This time around, it appeared that Philo grew tired of the perfect runway edit -- razor sharp and distilled to one or two carefully curated ideas. From the first look and all the way to the very last, their was an essence that this lineup exuded vulnerability in design aesthetic -- while embracing the uncertainty that has come along with it. In a way, you could tell that the inspiration behind the collection left Philo open to everything, and not too many preconceived ideas. No, meant yes and vice-versa. It was fascinating to see that this was consciously designed and the randomness of it all tied each look together so chic and effortlessly. The opening ensemble featured a utilitarian top paired with a fitted midi-skirt, provocative slit in both the back and front that dissolved into a surplus of fringe detailing. It set the tone for what followed, that bag people, the new shapes, let's talk about it.