Friday, July 25, 2014

My Already Favorites - An Introduction

Hello, dearest readers of the Chicest Degree. I'm really excited to be joining this team as the Beauty Editor, and giving you all some of what I got along with what I will discover along the way.

During my ongoing journey as a model, I have found that I'm always on the search for the perfect products to use on my own time. Make-up artists and hair stylists are always using all different types of makeup and hair products on me. So, I like to venture out and find my own favorites. It helps being exposed to mostly every single product ever created. As you may know, our founder and creative director Chloé keeps it very pretty and natural in the beauty department. I'm an absolute fan of that, and I try to use products and techniques that enhance and care for my body in a natural way. I have found over the years that my skin has reacted better to all-natural products, and little bit of TLC via vitamin D. Although, it's not supposed to be good for you (makes you old, wrinkly, skin cancer etc.) I find that it just makes you feel a little better after you're exposed to some sun every now and then. They say us east-coasters are deficient in the D vitamin because of the lack of light all year round. Basically, you just feel happier. I also follow up with a range of products that have a ton of SPF in them to still continue to protect my skin.  

As for my hair, it takes a little more patience. I have naturally curly hair, that has been colored for years and is often up against a lot of heat while I'm at work.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stan Smith

After months and months of searching for the most coveted minimalist sneaker of the moment, has finally come to an end. Just last week, the Adidas site in the USUK, and Sweden has finally restocked in all colors in all sizes. Normally, whenever a specific piece of clothing, accessory, or shoe becomes remotely popular and trendy amongst the fashion blog sphere, I don't want it. In this case there's something undeniably cool about the nondescript tennis shoe and not too mention look great paired with almost everything. My interest was immediately piqued after viewing the Isabel Marant, pre-fall 2014 collection, in which her French take on trainers effortlessly paired with elevated separates; such as oversize knits, boyfriend jeans, and tailored mannish suiting paired with a crisp white t-shirt.

If you've been reading the Chicest Degree frequently, you'd might remember the Minimalist Sneaker post where we discussed the evolution of everyone's fixation with Nike Air Max's, low top Air Force 1's, Free Runs - or even the sartorial slip-ons that both Céline and Givenchy turned into a "thing." The classic Stan Smith, still continues to be the go-to footwear choice for some of the most stylish power players. 

Adidas Stan Smith available on 

Although sneaker heads and the fashion flock may share a devotion to the idea of the latest and greatest, the Stan Smith is changing all of that. The 1973 Adidas original, named for tennis pros, has gotten a relaunch from the brand this past January and trainer lovers and style setters have converged on this particular old school style.

A sentiment long embraced by the street-style set, editors, and even Phoebe Philo sported a pair at her spring 2011 show. This fusion of sport and high fashion continues during the Couture collections, where both Raf Simons' and Karl Lagerfeld have featured minimalist sneakers on the runway. 

Will you be joining the Stan Smith bandwagon? Tell me everything, leave nothing out. 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lottie Moss for Calvin Klein Jeans x Collaboration

Everything old becomes new again thanks to a collaboration between Calvin Klein Jeans and luxury e-commerce site Faced by Lottie Moss, model and younger sister of Kate Moss, the collection celebrates the brand's iconic past in true CK style. "The Re-Issue Project," is filled with updated classics such as high-waisted jeans, denim jackets, t-shirts and sweatshirts - which range from $105-$415 in price, adorned with the brand's iconic logo. "The capsule is all about nostalgia for the '90s and that whole look feeling very right again," said Calvin Klein Jean's global creative director, Kevin Carrigan. The exclusive project brings back the staples of the Calvin Klein Jeans collection that launched the career of Kate Moss in 1994. Photographed by Michael Avedon, Lottie's innocence and natural beauty is captured, which truly represents the essence of the Calvin Klein woman. 

Lottie Moss photographed by Michael Avedon for Calvin Klein x

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dior Fall 2014 Couture Collection

150,000 orchids lined the runway at Dior's couture show in Paris on Monday. Raf Simmons did the complete opposite of when Christian Dior introduced The New Look, with it's restrictive wasp-waisted, bar jacketed silhouette, in the 40's. Taking over the reigns for John Galliano as creative director, his first show left a lasting impression by embracing all things natural with a series of relaxed silhouettes. For the first time in a long time, couture for everyone appeared to be the aesthetic. After all, when couture shows feature sneakers and the fashion crowd are seated front row in a pair of Birkenstock's and other minimal footwear; it's not hard to let that craving for comfort trickle up to even the realm of haute couture.